A Wife Is A Hope Chest

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My book, A Wife Is A Hope Chest, was published by Brain Mill Press on Halloween 2017. With the gorgeous cover art by Melanie Faith and the excellent design, I could not be more pleased. I am feeling very grateful at the moment.

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Exciting News!


I am very pleased to announce that one of my poetry manuscripts, A Wife is a Hope Chest, has been selected for publication in 2017!


It was chosen by Kiki Petrosino as the first full-length collection in the Mineral Point Poetry Series at Brain Mill Press. Brain Mill’s goal is “to build a catalog of radically authentic stories and poetry about all facets of the human experience with love,¬†understood as broadly as possible.”


I am more than honored to have been chosen and feel incredibly inspired by and grateful for the chance to work with Kiki Petrosino and the brilliant women of Brain Mill Press.

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