Reading: Holding Myself Accountable

Pink Sky Light Blur Hockney

Most people I know want to read more. Writers especially. Including me. Last year I wanted to read more books of poetry, since I knew mine was coming out in autumn. I managed to amass quite a few, but didn’t read nearly as many as I wanted. [Insert legitimate reasons here, knowing they’re ultimately irrelevant.] This year I’m going to change that. And I’m going to share what I’ve read here.

However, I won’t be posting typical reviews; I’m a reader, not a critic. Instead I’ll just be sharing my responses, simple as that. Some of the books I’ve bought or got as gifts; some I received via contests (I didn’t win). Some are written by poets I know, some by strangers. If you’d like me to read your book, contact me at, and I’ll do my best to get a copy.


What Say You?

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