Reading: Hilda Weaver

Porkbelly Press publishes lovely chapbooks, anthologies, and micro-chapbooks. They also publish the zine Love Me, Love My Belly and the literary magazine, Sugared Water. I’m not lying about how gorgeous their work is — their books are pieces of art. Hilda Weaver was published as part of their 2014 micro-chapbook series; the cover features an acrylic/mixed media painting by Maralena Howard.


The Autobiography of a Love Not Mine (Porkbelly autobiography frontPress, 2014)

Feelings while reading: A kind of a lazy longing, a muted melancholy. The title of “Eventuality of Disremembering” hits the spot — there’s a sadness to what we want to remember but don’t, as there is to what we don’t want to remember but do. This book put me in that sadness.

Favorite poems: Once I Tasted You, The Autobiography of a Love Not Mine, Separation

Favorite lines: “Then I left and all you thought to do / was cut azaleas down / and take another pill.” (Separation)


Final Thought: Read this when you have enough time to get lost in memories these poems will trigger. Come prepared to be reminded that you are older than you think.


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